Land Area (in Hectares): 23,970
Total Population*: 14,147
No. of Registered Voters**: 6,032
Income Class: 4TH CLASS
No. of Barangays: 12


History and Government


Tinoc was created by virtue of Batas Pambansa Bilang 184 dated March 1, 1983 out of its mother municipality, Hungduan.


The name Tinoc came from a Kalanguya word “tinec” which means dipped in mud. Later due to the Tuwali educators, it was written Tinoc.


From the municipality's creation in 1983, those who became mayors of the municipality are as follows: Lopez Pugong (1983-1986), Robert Tayaban (1987-1995) and Daniel Baguista (1998 to 2001).


Tinoc is politically subdivided into 12 barangays, namely: Ahin, Ap-apid, Binablayan, Danggo, Eheb, Gumhang, Impugong, Luhong, Poblacion, Tukucan, Tulludan and Wangwang.  


1 Ahin 1,065
2 Ap-apid 997
3 Binablayan 1,478
4 Danggo 1,273
5 Eheb 469
6 Gumhang 984
7 Impugong 1,318
8 Luhong 1,328
9 Tinoc 2,263
10 Tukucan 1,157
11 Tulludan 850
12 Wangwang 965


    *   - 2010 NSO Census of Population
    **  - 2010 Partial Data from COMELEC


Its Land


Tinoc having a total land area of 14,948.17 has. is situated on the eastern part of Mount Pulag, the second highest mountain in the Philippines, on top of the sleeping beauty mountain range. It has an elevation about 2,700 meters above sea level. It is bounded by the province of Benguet on the western side, the province of Nueva Vizcaya on the south, the municipality of Asipulo on the east and by the protruding strip of Mt. Province on the north. It has four major rivers flowing to the eastern part of Ifugao down to the lowlands of Lamut and Nueva Vizcaya and finally to the Magat Multipurpose Dam.


Its Inhabitants


Occupied by Kalanguya speaking people, Tinoc has a total population of 9,504, a total number of households of 1,629 with an average household size of 5.83 and a population growth rate of 2.67 based on the period 1990-1995.


Tourist Attraction and Place of Interest

  • Tukuhan Sulfur Hot Spring


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