BNEO for GREAT Barangays in Sadanga, Mt. Province: The conduct of BNEO Training was conducted in 2-schools on July 24, 2018. In his message, Mayor Jose Limmayog reiterates what President said in his SONA on relentless advocacy on drugs and corruption.  He even said that the barangay officials are “persons in authority” and encourage them to be pro-active to lobby projects but on-guard to prevent corruption.
Ms Ofelia Claudio, from the Regional Office, discussed the roles and functions of a Punong barangay citing several sections from the Local Government Code.  She found out that approximately 98% are newly elected barangay officials, thus, there’s a need to discuss with them their roles and functions.
MLGOO Maria Guiawan discussed the roles and functions of Kagawad, barangay secretary and treasurer.  In addition to their roles and functions, she said that the term of barangay officials is Three years and that they should submit DTR. Good Practice:  It’s the responsibility of the municipal government to haul participants from the barangays whenever there are trainings conducted by the municipality.  A strategy to ensure participants to be prompt and finish their training up to the last minute.
"Matino, Mahusay at Maaasahan"