Land Area (in Hectares): 18,900
Total Population*: 9,626
No. of Registered Voters**: 6,964
Income Class: 5TH CLASS
No. of Barangays: 14


History and Government


In olden times, it was believed that Katunian, the greatest of the gods of the Kalingas, left in one of his travels a drop of water upon an ancient tree. This drop trickled down and like a metal of great magnetic force, attracted brooks and rivulets to form a river called the Pasil river.


As years passed, villages were established wherever possible along the banks of the river. The residents of these villages soon began to be called “I-Pasil”, meaning “residents along the Pasil River”.


Pasil was originally part of Lubuagan. Agitation for its separation first began under the term of Congressman Canao in 1954, when a convention for the Pasil area was held at Guinaang. For that purpose, however, the required minimum number of population could not be met. The movement was spearheaded by prominent men and other leaders from Magsilay and Dangtalan. No Congressional bills were filed during this period.


Agitation continued during the term of Congressman Duyan until a bill was finally approved on June 18, 1966 as Republic Act 4147 creating the municipality of Pasil. The first set of municipal officials should have been appointed but the Congressman delayed the issuance of appointments due to bitter rivalry among the many contenders for municipal positions. The first election was held in 1967 and the law was finally implemented on January 2, 1968.


The mayor in 1992 was Gavino Mosing. He was replaced by Pancy T. Bakidan in 1995 in turn succeeded by Antonio Dalsen in 1998.


There are fourteen barangays composing the municipality: Ableg, Balatoc, Balinciagao Norte, Cagaluan, Colayo, Dalupa, Dangtalan, Galdang (Casaloan), Guina-ang (Poblacion), Magsilay, Malucsad, Pugong, Balinciagao Sur and Bagtayan.


1 Ableg 548
2 Balatoc 1,442
3 Balinciagao Norte 855
4 Balenciagao Sur 439
5 Cagaluan 1,218
6 Bagtayan 412
7 Colayo 367
8 Dalupa 420
9 Dangtalan 664
10 Galdang (Casaloan) 368
11 Guina-ang (Pob.) 954
12 Magsilay 702
13 Malucsad 535
14 Pugong 702


    *   - 2010 NSO Census of Population
    **  - 2010 Partial Data from COMELEC


Its Land


Its total land area is 18,900 hectares. It is bounded on the east by the municipalities of Tabuk and Lubuagan, the municipalities of Tinglayan and Lubuagan on the south, on the west by the province of Abra and by the municipality of Balbalan on the north.


Its Inhabitants


Pasil has a population of 8,935 as of the 1995 Census of Population. Out of the total population, males constitute 50.88% and 49.12% females.


Tourist Attractions and Places of Interest


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